As a creative soul and voracious learner, I am constantly seeking inspiration and new ways to elevate my mind and abilities. From exploring performance arts to honing my skills in film, writing, music, cooking, teaching and photography, I embrace each endeavor as an opportunity to channel my creativity and passion into meaningful expressions of artistry.

I have been this way for as long as I can remember...

Born in Los Angeles, I took my first steps on the Venice Boardwalk, my eyes on the water and toes in the sand. Later, I moved to Texas with my mom to ride my bike freely and complete secondary schooling as captain of my high school cheerleading squad before heading back to California to study acting at UC Santa Barbara. Post graduation, I moved to Los Angeles again to pursue my film and television career, where I worked on countless sets and even made a few shorts of my own. And when I was least expecting it, I met my husband, putting dreams of family and future in my heart. Several years later, we ventured East and settled down in his old stomping grounds of Northern Virginia, and that's where the next chapter of my story began.

In The Family

Like Father, Like Daughter

Photography holds a special place in my heart because it was my father's greatest passion. He lived in a gallery in Downtown Los Angeles when he met my mother, where he and his best friend worked doing what they loved to do most. It makes me smile to think how happy he would be to know that I am following in his footsteps.


You are probably wondering what qualfies me to take your photos. I have been involved in the visual arts my whole life, working infront of and behind the camera. I have learned from my dad and mentors who have given me the skills I need to paint with light. Photography is as much a technical trade as it is a creative one, and I find that it is only after attaining mastery of the technical aspects that I can fully explore the creative potential of this craft. While I cannot say I am the best I will ever be, with each day I pick up my camera I know I am the best I have ever been.



I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Santa Barbara with my mind set on working in film and television


After years of working in front of the camera, I moved from Los Angeles to Northern Virigina to begin a new chapter: teaching, marriage and family


With a wedding and a pandemic in the rearview, I gave birth to our first daughter. Soon after, we moved into our forever home in my husband's childhood stomping grounds of Great Falls, VA


We welcomed our second daughter into the world

I launched Terra Marine Photography to honor the creative spark that never ceases to guide and inspire me to lead a life of purpose

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